Happy New Year 2018!!!

The new year is already a few days old and I have not wished my readers a prosperous, healthy and wealthy new year. An oversight I beg your forgiveness for. I wish for all of us, a very good year indeed.

For Malaysians, we will have a general election soon. Could it be the most hard-fought elections ever? I pray that we as a nation have a safe and uneventful election. For whatever it’s worth, my advice has always been to study the incumbent and choose according to their ability to serve the electorate fairly, and without any racial or religious bias.

Malaysia is a small peaceful country and its citizens wish to continue living in peace.

To a wonderful year ahead.

Author: Jalil Jamil

A Melancholic/Phlegmatic person. An original mixed-up kid! Meticulous yet can be unconcerned with details. Open-minded. Sensitive. Cheerful. Patient with young people. Can be stubborn. Listens to all music from classical to reggae, from blues to all rock (especially soft rock). Long time supporter of Liverpool Football Club. Recent grandfather.

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