My dad

When people write about their father, they are bound to write every and only good things. Would you tell everyone if your father was a wife beater? A womaniser? Surely not. But I thank Allah, that I had a good father. No, I had a great father. Yes. From family and others who spoke to me about him, I can safely say so. I feel pressured sometimes to live up to him. He made me believe that everyone can be trusted. He sees good in everyone. I have never heard him say a bad thing about anyone. Even when he was implicated in a corruption trial in the late 1960s.

I shall dedicate a section in my blog to note his thoughts and words which inspired me, growing up. Though his words are rare, they are certainly gems! I plan to call it Thoughts & Words of a Father. If my dear readers have other ideas to name this section, do write in.

In all my articles, reference is only made to the male gender, though it applies equally to the female. So when I say, he is doing something, it also means, she is doing something.

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